Things you should know about Taipei 101

Its pointy, while girthy.  Square, yet rectangular.  It is also a huge rocket.  There's a button in the bottom of the food court that you jump up and down on to make it launch.  No joke.

It has mirrors to sun itself with.

It reminds you where you are.

It contains a non-functional sundial.

They prevent counterfeiting of tickets by changing the color of the actual building, not the one on the ticket.

The fine print isn't so much fine as it is in Chinese.

 The elevator is a roller coaster

Which dumps you into space, so you can take satellite-grade photos of just how huge Taipei city is.

And to keep the building from falling over, a monkey, a dog and a cat have to survive in harmony with each other inside of this ball for at least a year at a time.  Coincidentally, it is also the shock absorber for the entire building, exposed so that people can see what they're buying souvenirs of later.

Taipei 101 is marketing genius.

They will try to sell you things more expensive and smaller than anything you would ever buy.

While you may experience some discomfort riding up and down the elevator, it is quickly soothed by the gentle music, the distracting shooting stars, and the feeling that you are falling faster than you've ever fallen in your life.

So, if you survive your first trip to Taipei 101, please buy SUPER BIG Wind Damper toys for your children and yourself, to remind yourself that all living things must live in harmony, even unnaturally.


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