Hemlock Restaurant: Bangkok, Thailand

Our first evening in Bangkok, we ate at Hemlock, a Thai restaurant just north of the Khao San area. With it's dim lighting and white linen table cloths, the restaurant felt intimate yet upscale.

The menu was extensive, offering standard Thai dishes as well as some unusual ones. Our food was delicious as well, yet the prices were mid range.

Perhaps the most memorable part of eating at Hemlock was the fantastic view we had looking out on to Th Phra Athit Road:

In our direct line of vision was the Anal Tour sign.

Of course we had our share of laughs and juvenile jokes while nibbling on lettuce wraps and sipping on masala tea, but we found the most amusement in watching others as they confronted this absurd sign.

Some people stopped dead in their tracks, while others merely glanced at the sign and chuckled.Others strolled by the sign nonchalantly,  did a double-take, then quickly back pedaled while reaching for their cameras.

My favorite was a solo traveler who after spotting the sign, continued to walk for a few seconds, and stopped. Self conscious about reveling in such crude humor, he sheepishly looked around before whipping out his camera at lightening speed and taking a shot.

He walked away briskly, never realizing that he was the butt of our anal tour jokes.


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