Cori and I met up with her friends Ian and Jodi out in Seattle, journeyed down to Portland and Newport, OR, and then headed back north. Beautiful Skies, amazing food and beer, and great atmospheres.

Here are some highlights:
Who's the guy with a watch and a wristband on the Underground Tour?  THIS GUY.

These are pipes.  Please note that they are next to what is referred to as a "wall."

because the last guy didn't and ended up putting a big hole in the wall, which you are now walking through.

Dude, not funny.  I needed those. 

Mmmm, fuzzy trees.

AAAAAAH!  NOT FUZZY TREE.  Oh.. whew. wife. Awwww.


Its hard to see but there are DUCKS wearing RAIN COATS.  

Hey foot, get out of the way of my awesome cracked concrete shot.


Mission... failed.

That's... uh... a little ... I don't know... vague?

as Ian realized we were trapped in hyperspace, he thought to himself "is EVERYONE blurry in hyperspace?"

Secretly a rocket.  Only the cigar aficionados know.

"Hi and welcome, I'm Frank, your tour guide.  And that's our tour!  Alright, go home."

I'm gonna ride this plywood right outta Seattle, yee-haw.

*pushes all the buttons at once*

What do you mean "Non-Functional?"  I have to goooooooo.

Seriously underground, like Detroit Tech underground, but more "Seattle" and less "Detroit."  Also, no Tech.

Signs that your lawyer might not be very good.

"I'm cute, pet me."

This shot was meant to capture the intensity of the hills in Seattle.  Instead it captures the intensity of the cyclists in Seattle combined with a great example about how the road name "Broadway" is not synonymous with "a big deal."

David Byrne has awesome dancers.

David Byrne makes white people stand up.

David Byrne is not above using the "marching band on stage" gimmick. 

David Byrne makes the air sweat.

Perfection. I have nothing else to say. 

"Dave, we need to talk.  You keep taking pictures of me so I can't order breakfast."


Oh, so you brought your friends along this time, did you shoes?  Thought I couldn't take on four of you?  WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT.


I tried to take the wall home with me.  It would not fit in the car.

Signs you're at a classy joint.

This is impossible to explain without giggling. 

Apparently Portland has never been to San Francisco.

The carnage.  Bloody, bloody carnage.

Signs your cleaner is in need of love.

the combination of "wood" and "hooo" is difficult to pronounce.

Windy and beautiful.


"Witch trials every Saturday from Noon to 5pm!"


Calm, serene, terrifying.  

In case of green, hairy water, or calm blue water, assume bracing positions in both english and spanish. 

Man, this roller coaster is going to be awesome when we get over this hill.

In closing, one of the best things on our trip:


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