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Other notes on Taipei

"That cloud is going to eat us."

The same card that gets you on the train, and on the bus, gets you a bicycle.

Its hard to explain the feeling I get when standing near an intersection.  Some strange combination of awe, terror, and fascination.

Chou Do Fu. Its stinky, its tofu.  Thank goodness it was covered kimchee.

Drugs, as per this shirt, "Ain't Work."

"We will take your corporate logos, and identities, and do with them what we please.  Thank you."

Best dudes.

This was an ad about constipation medication.

Sir, your grandson is about to go swimming.

I, contrary to T-Pain, am not on a boat.

In the 18th century, this temple was built.  At the time the clock was just considered "weird," as they didn't exactly have electricity, so all it did was sit there blank with a dangling electrical cord.  Eons later, someone plugged it in.


See what you did kid?  You done brought the typhoon upon us.

Its hard to explain how s…

How to survive your first day in Taipei

They put us up in the Howard International Plaza hotel.  This is the secret lai.... er... meeting area for the mad scient... er... managers.  There is a moat filled with alligators that look like tofu.  

Dear Howard International Plaza.  Please move this building, it is blocking our view of the mountains, thank you, room 312.  

Thank you.  Much better.


"Hello, I would like to sell you insurance."

Once a year a wizard pops out of the ground and puts this hat on.