When Flying Internationally...

Remember to leave early.  For instance, 4am.

The less pleasant the weather, the better.  Here we could have done better with an actual snowstorm, or say, hail, or ducks flying into the side of the plane while still on the tarmac.

The worse the weather, the more of an adventure, for you and the pilot.  For instance, you don't even know if you're on the right runway if your visibility is a maximum of only 3 feet in front of you.

Sincerely, its better when the weather isn't great, because the clouds are amazing.

Its nice when things clear up, too.

But then you start to ask "are we in the right place?  Isn't this supposed to involve water... and islands?"

"And sleep?"

Remember, even if there's a sequence, it may not be "in order," or even "in English."  In this case it was in English, but there were two lines and the numeric sequences were seemingly randomly picked.

The beef or vegetarian options are usually better than the chicken.

Do not give food up, even for cute looks.

Play with any and all provided entertainment devices until they break.  Then continue to push buttons.

When landed, take as many blurry and incomprehensible photos of the freeway as possible, but none of the airport.

Especially focusing on signs in the language you haven't started to learn to read yet.  You'll quickly discover however, that you see these signs everywhere, and once you learn what they say, you'll realize you're taking pictures of the equivalent of "Proctor and Gamble," and "AEP."

Then, be sure to go to bed somewhere other than the back of a van.


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