Indigo Pearl Resort, Phuket, Thailand

After sensory overload in Bangkok, we headed south to Phuket for a little rest, relaxation, and sun. We stayed at Indigo Pearl, a 5-star resort on one of the northern beaches. We quickly realized we had crossed over into a world of luxury and extravagance as soon as we climbed into the sleek, black, hotel van. Before the engine was even running, the hotel employee in the front passenger seat reached back to offer us a platter with two neatly rolled damp towels for us to clean our hands with. During our 10 minute ride to the resort, we were given bottles of water as the driver turned up soft jazz music. I couldn't help but turn to Dave and giggle as we pulled up to our destination.

The resort is stunning; every room is a work of art. The design concept, created by visionary landscape architect Bill Bensley, is based on Phucket's tin mining past. The architecture and design are meant to evoke a Thai factory from a century ago. This concept is carried out down to the most minute details; for instance, the silverware handles in the Tin Mine restaurant are molded in the shape of wrenches. The tissue boxes are made with clear plastic encased with nuts, bolts, and screws. The landscaping is every bit as impressive as the interior design. Lush, green, and tropical, with every turn you are encountered with exotic plants and beautiful gardens.

We arrived on a Sunday and left on Tuesday, so we were able to avoid the weekend crowds. We only had to share the beach with a handful of others, mostly elderly french people unabashedly strutting around in their tight trunks and bikinis. There were a string of decent restaurants and bars along the beach, with quality food for a fraction of the price of meals in the resort. One night, I ordered lobster. Although I had to wait 45 minutes and eat it in the dark, it was worth every invisible bite.



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