Aboriginal Cultural Experience, if Nickelodeon was in charge.

I'm very happy that there is a place and a way to examine one of the deepest historical aspects of Taiwan: the native tribes and their culture.

Our friend Jack was kind enough to get all the details in order so that Cori, myself, Mattheus, Isabelle and Jack himself could all go to the Aboriginal Cultural Village.  After a long, soothing bus ride, and then a wobbly, car-sickness-inducing bus ride, we made it to the gates of the Village.

Upon entering, we realized we'd accidentally gone to Versailles, so we got back on the plane and went back to Taiwan. 

After getting to the ACTUAL park, we were all perplexed (as Cori is seen here smashing her hand into her head) as to why aliens had taken over the park. 

There were spaceships everwhere.  The carnage was massive. 

No one was safe from their armada.

We ran to the nearest cave, hoping to hide out until we could formulate a plan.

Regrettably, the cave was infested with dinosaurs.

Who were not happy with us. 

Thankfully a local set of prehistoric tribesmen came with their woolly mammoths and turned the dinosaurs into legos.

Lego stegosaurus was not giving in to Cori's seductive advances.

We had to find a way out of the park.  We located an enormous water slide the aliens had overlooked in their invasion.  

But it was a trap.

Captured in their futuristic "sky car," we were being taken to the detention camp for other unsuspecting visitors. 

Good bye, freedom. 

We could see their headquarters, if only there was a way to get there...

AH! Some of the local tribes had found a way to get free of the camp, by using some rope, a woman with long hair, and a strapping young man, they were launching people out of the camp one at a time!

We asked if we could be sent next.

They contemplated.

Through a series of confusing and impossible to photograph events, the aliens were eaten by fish... 

...and the tribes had a new stage to perform from!


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